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Pau Gasol Look-a-like Fools Fans in LA

April 28, 2011 – Allen Moll

There have been many performers who impersonate celebrities, entertainers, and sports stars over the years that make a pretty healthy living by making appearances as their more famous twin. Usually they only look remotely like the person they are trying to impersonate, possibly in dimly lit areas or at night.

But one such impersonator in the Los Angeles area has been fooling fans for some time by looking and acting the part of 4 time All Star and LA Lakers power forward Pau Gasol. His name is Michael Fanter and with his shades on he’s a dead ringer for the Lakers star big man, right down to his thin lanky frame, shoulder length locks and scruffy facial hair. He even stands out in a crowd because he is usually 4 to 5 inches taller than everyone.

Per his website Pau, it all started a few years ago once Gasol was traded to the Lakers from Memphis. Fanter was a huge, lifelong Lakers fan and decided to wear a Gasol jersey to a home game. The fans reaction in the Staples Center was amazing as hundreds approached Fanter for autographs, all the while not putting two and two together that Pau wouldn’t be in the stands, but on the court in the game. Even Lakers greats sitting court-side like Rick Fox and Norm Nixon had to do a double take.

It’s all done in good fun as Fanter has met and is on friendly terms with the Lakers star. He even got to play Gasol’s stunt double in a recent Nike commercial. Of course, one look at Fanter in one of his promotional videos showcasing his actual basketball skills and one can surely figure out he is an imposter. When and if you are in the Los Angeles area, Fanter is available to do parties and charitable events.

Check out Fanter’s newest promotional video as Pau Gasol:

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