Sunday 21st January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

LeBron James’ New $9 Million Mansion in South Beach

A couple months ago there were rumors flying that Lebron was close to buying a $50 million property in South Beach. But this week Lebron James settled on a more modest $9 million mansion in the Coconut Grove section of Miami. Here are the photos of the grounds that has three fountains, room for two 60-foot yachts to dock, six bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. Some are reporting the house is 20,000 square feet, but we are hearing it is more accurately listed at around 15,000 square feet of luxury living space. Check out the Sun Sentinel where we first saw the photos of King James’ new crib. For comparison’s sake also check out Chris Bosh’s new house in Miami.

Front of House

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  • LebronFlames.

    Looks a little like the pool house at my holiday home.
    Well… a miniture version of it.

    • You’re the guy that talks about how you’re rockin’ a 7 incher in your pants when it’s really on 2 inches hard as well….

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  • Vfvaf

    whys he have a pool?  black people cant swim

    • JC

       I guess you have never been to Jamaica where they swim all the time…

      • Billycz06

        he will lose it in less than five yrs after he retires an owe the IRS too !!

        • Ann

          It’s better than your trailer bubba – don’t hate ’cause you have nothing!

    • Dude you have the IQ of a spoon

  • Guest (Yeah I’m lazy)

    First to get wiped out by a hurricane…

  • trouble4real

    IQ of a spoon good 1cuz LMMAO