Monday 22nd January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Greatest NBA Action Shot Ever Taken?

I don’t care if you love the Miami Heat, I don’t care if you hate the Miami Heat. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are a fan of the NBA or not, you have to admit that this might very well be the coolest NBA Action Shot photo ever taken. It’s almost hard to believe it’s not photoshopped. Right down to the look on Dwyane Wade’s face. It wreaks of attitude, and The Hoop Doctors love it! Enjoy:

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  • Jeff

    AWESOME! Go Heat!

  • Jack

    I really, really dislike the Heat, but this is still by far the most awesome basketball pic ever taken.

  • c1x

    The timing the photog must have had to snap this shot is amazing. I love how Dwade doesn’t even look to see if Lebron scores, he just knows its coming, looks at the crowd and says, ‘take that suckaz’

  • CB

    If you’re saying it’s the greatest sports photo, at least give the photog credit by citing his name!!

    • Anklesnap

      @CB, thats what the link in the paragraph was for. But for greater clarity it was Morry Gash by the Associated Press.

  • JB

    I feel like it should be captioned with “Heaters Gonna Heat”

  • Dago

    Doesn’t the net look a little weird though? It’s already moving before the dunk.

    For your review, I think this is the play from which this shot was taken:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the shot and these 2 guys and the Heat, but the net thing is just bugging me.

    • gmanbuddy

      @Dago, nba arenas usually replace the net after 3 games or so, a new net is real stiff for awhile after its put up, thats why the net appears to be moving, its just stiff in that position. hope i helped you

      • Dago

        @gmanbuddy, Thanks man! This pic is still my wallpaper on my work desktop. :D

  • Lopsman

    It’s photoshopped.
    Look closely at Wade’s right hand…
    Damn, that’s really diappointing!

    • Anklesnap

      @Lopsman, I think his pinky is just bent at an angle towards the camera like his left hand….

  • Mick

    Great pic!!!

  • Matt



    • Alpha

      @Matt, fuck you

      • Isaac

        @Alpha, alpha, fuck you. We can do this all day.

    • Trent

      @Matt, haha how typical of a lakers fan. you know the heat are becoming the most dominant team in the league and you just can’t take it.

      • Matt

        @Trent, the heat are definitley not the most dominant thats the fucking bucks in the picture GOOD JOB you beat a terrible team my spurs are finally on top eff ouy



  • Todd

    I think the point everyone is missing is that LeBron missed the dunk.

    • greatness

      He didn’t miss idiot

  • Jesse
  • larry

    hahahaha wade’s pinky is cut off. photoshop fail. one word to desribe this wanna be picture; overrated.

  • Monte Spiker

    It’s not a fake, it’s not photo-shopped. In fact, here’s a different camera angle taken at almost exactly the same moment, just from about fifteen feet to the left on the same baseline:

    • Willie Mays

      @Monte Spiker,
      Ok, so the dunk apparently happened but its still photo-shopped to make Wade look like a badass. Look at his feet on the ESPN picture then look at the picture above. Also you can tell in the ESPN picture that his arms aren’t spread out as much which explains why his pinky is cut.

      • Monte Spiker

        It’s not photo-shopped.  Nothing about it even looks photo-shopped.  Two distinct pictures from two different angles plus this video showed exactly the same thing.  D-Wade with his arms stretched out as he starts angling out to the left with LeBron trailing for the tomahawk.  Why the hell can’t people just acknowledge that it was a hell of a play and an even better picture?

  • jenny


  • Willy

    I’d like to see your Heat duo photo, and raise you a hilarious C’s photo from last night:

  • Jay
  • pacman24

    Its crazy cus even before anyboyd co-signed this i said this was a GREAT photo im not a Heat fan but this is a great photo its almost like in that split second with the look on D Wades face hes saying “What did you expect? This is what you all wanted right?”

  • drosefan

    The photo isnt photoshopped, the reason it looks like dwades pinky is cut off is because he has black tape on it. Its just an optical illusion most of you dumbasses are stupid enough to fall for. Go back to your band wagon to continue sucking off kobe, losers.

    • Ethan

      @drosefan, you’re a dumbass, look at the highlights to the game and watch the dunk… dipshit

  • Joe

    this pic suck get off the heats nuts

  • matt

    F*** the Heat.The celtics are the best in the east

  • ron

    fuck the heat. its all about the celtics and the lakers

  • Awesome shot

  • huh

    no reflection on the hardwood

  • Crip1989

    this might be the second best.

    first one’s gotta go to the celtics after beating the knicks back in december with pierce’s jumper. here’s the aftermath:

    nate jumped onto paul but fell off, KG acknowledged the fans that were heckling him all game long, and pierce is just showin how they celebrate in inglewood

  • Gunit

    it isnt that cool…

  • Fmercadov12

    Two Douche Bags, nothing special about that. Fuck the Heat.

  • Cavs rock, Google stalks

    I feel bad for the Cheat, I mean Heat, LeBronadict Arnold must of been so embarassed when the Cavs (Let’s Go Cavs) beat them. I mean really, the worst team in the NBA, ever, and the team he left, beat a team the was the most anticipated team in the NBA.

  • Masongg2001

    to bad they are playing the bucks who are garbage

  • Mike

    Even though I hate Lebron this is an amazing picture

  • nope

  • Lebo1103

    uhhh why is dwayne wades right pinkie cut off hmmmm photo shop much

  • longirons

    not only is this not the greatest photo of the nba, but it is the exact thing that makes the nba ridiculous. This picture has it all, grandstanding, lazy defense, Wade isnt in position to make the rebound if the other titsun misses, none of the other heat are anywhere to be seen so clearly weren’t hustling…

  • Jrmy646

    woohh!! wade’s right hand has only four fingers

  • Jrmy646

    woohh!! wade’s right hand has only four fingers

  • Alek

    The best part is you cant see anyone but wade and james on the floor. Just like in real life.

  • Anonymous

    hard to call any image the greatest…but it is definitely up there…wow

    …sadly, it looks like that image is gone from that gallery…anyone else know where it could be found?

  • WORM


  • bas

    I love D-Wade! I despise LeBrat!

  • nightcloudz

    Awesome!! They know its Coming. . . . 

  • nightcloudz

    Awesome!! They know its Coming. . . . 

  • nightcloudz

    Awesome!! They know its Coming. . . . 

  • nightcloudz

    Awesome!! They know its Coming. . . . 

  • Armybonzola

    This picture goes to show why the NBA is not a sport. Its just “entertainment”, in the same class as Pro Wrestling. There is no skill involved.

  • Armybonzola

    This picture goes to show why the NBA is not a sport. Its just “entertainment”, in the same class as Pro Wrestling. There is no skill involved.

  • Boom

    I asked a guy a lebron jersey for change for a buck but he only gave me 3 quarters

  • Dallasfan

    hahahaha lost to dallas bitch!

  • Eminentcognition

    …this is almost is good, in fact, outside of south beach and marquette fans, this “action shot” is clearly better… sorry, dont know who the photog was… props to dude though for capturing the frustration and anxiety that emits when one’s inevitable failure begins blooming from the seeds of doubt, planted by the karma of arrogance… and on ‘ene-be-a’ day…
    …go grizzlies

  • David

    swagged out

  • mangu