Friday 27th November 2020,
The Hoop Doctors

Hamptons Partyers Hear Dennis Rodman Having Sex

If there is one thing we never want to see, hear, visualize, or for that matter even write about after this, is the thought of Dennis Rodman doing it dirty. We get it Dennis, you like attention, good or bad. But c’mon, to turn on a microphone in your pocket at a party while you go upstairs and get busy is just taking it a bit too far…

Hamptons partygoers got to listen to a little Dennis Rodman lovemaking after he took six girls up to his bedroom with a cordless microphone switched on in his pocket.

Promoters at the Hotel Indigo in Hampton Bays were astonished when they heard Rodman talking dirty over the music at their pool party in the early hours of Monday morning. A source told us, “Rodman had quite a lot to drink and had been making shout-outs on the mike. He headed up to his room with six girls.

Then, the next thing you could hear through the speakers downstairs was Rodman describing in full sexual detail what he wanted to do to them. Organizers pulled the plug before it got any dirtier.”

The source added the party was still packed with guests, including “Entourage” star Kevin Dillon. Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, confirmed, “He was unaware of the microphone being turned on . . . I do know he had a few drinks in him.”

Read more details via the NY Post

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