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Stephon Marbury Sued Over $1 Sale of His Company

Stephon Marbury Interviewed in China

July 19, 2010 – Dr. Anklesnap

It’s been a very strange year for Stephon Marbury. Not only did his mental stability break down right in front of our very eyes on the internet for weeks, but then after being spurned from the NBA he ended up playing professionally in China and actually doing quite well for himself.

But when it comes to business, the Starbury brand and most other ventures he has been affiliated with have ended in a courtroom. Often with Marbury feeling he got the short end of the stick. But this time Marbury is the one being sued. In a very strange case, a woman is claiming Marbury agreed to sell her his company for nothing more than $1. That’s right folks. One American Dollar! TMZ.com has this on the court documents:

In the lawsuit, filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, a woman named Thuymai K. Ung claims Marbury agreed to sell her 100% of his company — which includes a piece of property in L.A. — back in December … for the sum of one American dollar.

In the documents, Ung alleges that Marbury is now claiming that he still owns part of the company and/or the property.

Ung is asking the court to declare her the rightful owner of the company and the property. A rep for Marbury could not be reached. {via TMZ}

If its believable for anyone to sell off a company for $1 it would be Stephon Marbury. But with that said, if it turns out in court that he really did sell off his company for $1, I wonder if he will sell me his house for a cool $20?

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