Sunday 07th March 2021,
The Hoop Doctors

‘You Got Dunked On’ – Top 10 in 2010

Dwyane Wade on Anderson VarejaoWe can’t remember an NBA season in recent memory that was littered with more exciting plays, buzzer beaters, blocks, and dunks than 2009-10. With that said there was a special sort of dunk that has re-emerged this season. The ‘in your grill’, nasty, ‘you got dunked on’, type.

Over the last few years we have seen a decline in the number of defenders that are willing to rise up and attempt to contest a dunker for a block. Instead, big men league wide seem to be more content to just run for position, plant their feet, and pray for the charging call. Although in some cases the latter can be effective, we personally hate taking the charge. It doesn’t make for exciting basketball to watch, or big plays at the rim. The defender either changes momentum with a big block, or in the cases we have captured below, the offensive player absolutely ruins his defender. Here are what we believe are the Top 10 ‘You Got Dunked On’ Moments of the 2009-2010 NBA Season:

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