Tuesday 23rd January 2018,
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‘You Got Dunked On’ – Top 10 in 2010

Dwyane Wade on Anderson VarejaoWe can’t remember an NBA season in recent memory that was littered with more exciting plays, buzzer beaters, blocks, and dunks than 2009-10. With that said there was a special sort of dunk that has re-emerged this season. The ‘in your grill’, nasty, ‘you got dunked on’, type.

Over the last few years we have seen a decline in the number of defenders that are willing to rise up and attempt to contest a dunker for a block. Instead, big men league wide seem to be more content to just run for position, plant their feet, and pray for the charging call. Although in some cases the latter can be effective, we personally hate taking the charge. It doesn’t make for exciting basketball to watch, or big plays at the rim. The defender either changes momentum with a big block, or in the cases we have captured below, the offensive player absolutely ruins his defender. Here are what we believe are the Top 10 ‘You Got Dunked On’ Moments of the 2009-2010 NBA Season:

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  • Jarvis Daniels

    Damn these are just nasty. All year i’ve been talking about that Wade dunk on Andy V. But after watching this video I think that Brewer Dunk on Lopez was pretty close, or that Amare dunk on Tolliver.

  • J

    Where’s Rose over Dragic?!?!?!?

  • These are huge. My personal favorite though was the Corey Brewer dunk.

    Also, did anyone else notice that Robin Lopez got dunked on twice in this Top 10 and so did Gerald Wallace? Poor guys. At least they are challenging shots though.

  • Mardy Lorrie

    JJ Hickson’s dunk on D Wayde should definitely should have been on there.


    Great list though!

  • Is it just me or are there a lot of shaggy-haired white dudes on the receiving end of these?

  • how could you not post 5′ 11” Ty Lawson dunking/knocking down the 7′ DJ Mbenga? i know that game was meaningless by that point, but still……

  • Those are all good suggestions fellas. Damn, we need to be extending this thing to a Top 20. That Lawson Bang on MBenga was huge! We even featured it here:


  • Paul

    where’s Rose???

  • Danny

    If you search Corey Brewer dunk you get this one:


    Poster on Fisher. Hard to not include it somewhere.

  • Bootup

    You have the wrong Corey Brewer dunk on there. Actually, both of them should been on there. And where is the 2-handed Derrick Rose tomahawk on Phoenix? The Vince, Bosh and West dunks wouldn’t have even made my list, let alone be that high. I agree with #1 and #2, but both Brewer dunks are top 5

  • BCarter

    How about this one -Delonte West over Josh Smith-how about Delonte telling him what he can do for him after he slams it in his face


  • steed

    Everyone is forgetting Carmelo on Paul Millsap from the beginning of the season. Definitely one of the best plays of the year.


  • @steed – We forgot about that one, damn. You’re right that Melo play was disgusting. Poor Millsap got punished twice. Once with the pick off of the poor pass, and twice with the facial.

    @Bootup – both Brewer’s deserve recognition. Everyone was hyped after the fisher dunk, but then after the Lopez one pplz were forgetting the fisher dunk.

    @BCarter – that West dunk is NIIIIICE.

  • joey

    what about rose on dragic. my vote for dunk of the year right there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jmiiR4hjPY&playnext_from=TL&videos=JKu3pEroWSg

  • Tim L

    I’m very surprised Brewer destroying Fisher wasn’t in this.

  • N.A.

    don’t forget that the season ended yesterday, and amare and delonte both put dunks that merit recognition

  • J2

    Without Derrick Rose’s dunk on Dragic, this list is invalid – Fail.

  • nate

    Boozer’s hammer dunk on Ibaka last week was top notch. Neil on SC even called him Dr. Nasty for the dunk, stare-down, and the ensuing T he recieved!

  • ian

    -Travis Outlaw on Rudy Gay
    -Derrick Rose on Greg Oden / Goran Dragic
    -Carmelo Anthony on Paul Millsap

  • Big Ads

    Melo over Millsap has to be in any top 10.

  • Dr. Smooth

    No Vujacic lowering the boom on Camby and Batum?

    Also, no Rose over Randolph or Rose over Dragic is a crying shame.

    I think your criteria for “You got dunked on” needed to have the guy actually in a position to contest. Guys that flew by before the dunk that got thrown down shouldn’t have counted. Your hand and face still gotta be in frame when the boom gets lowered for it to count.

  • KingNuggets

    What about the 5’11” Ty Lawson dunk on 7′ Mbenga. C’mon! Thats worth #1 in anybodys book.

  • Ryan

    How about Paul Pierce on Chris Bosh? I’m a big Toronto fan so it pains me to bring this one up, but it deserves to be in there (despite the knee to the stomach).


  • Who the hell left Rose over Dragic off this list? Fire that asshole.

  • DEVO

    yo yo yo
    this is the devo
    how is there no mention of the jamario moon show
    i guess that means I read this site no mo’

  • leeeroyjenkins

    Devo what dunk are you referring to? How can you make a comment like that and not back it up? At least provide a link to something.

  • Anklesnap

    @Devo – The Moon man mod def has some dirty hops, but what dunk you referring to?

  • DEVO

    yo this is the devo crackin up in here
    not havin the moon show brings a tear
    to my eye
    the guy can fly
    witness or lie

  • DEVO

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  • crackangel

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