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Top 5 Smaller Guard Dunks Over Big Men

March 10, 2010 – Kevin Burke

A few nights ago, Deron Williams both surprised and posterized Derrick Rose with a very sneaky fast break dunk. Is it me, or does it seem like these smaller guards are climbing the ladder more often. Although Derrick Rose isn’t a big man in basketball terms, for some reason that dunk got me thinking about the all- time best smaller guard dunks on big men. There are many to choose from, so I had to think long and hard. Here are my top 5 all-time smaller guard dunks on big men.

#5 – Chris Paul catches Dwight Howard. Very cruel.

#4 – Baron Davis over Jermaine O’Neal. Mean and Vicious.

#3 – Marcus Camby gives Allen Iverson a piggy-back ride. Not nice at all. (skip to :38s mark)

#2 – Baron Davis strikes again. Victim: Andrei Kirilenko. Just plain ol’ hurtful.

#1 – Kevin Johnson on Hakeem Olajuwon. Very disrespectful.

Stay tuned for my top 5 all-time game dunks, period.

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