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The Hoop Doctors

Juwan Howard Dunks Hard on Chris Kaman’s Head

January 5, 2010 – Dr. Browntorious

I am going to apologize on behalf of Chip Patterson and the rest of The Hoop Doctors crew for makin’ jokes at Juwan Howards expense in our NBA Power Rankings yesterday. Sure he’s old, sure he’s got funny facial expressions at times, and sure he’s not always been consistent throughout his career. But he is is the last of the mohicans of sorts, well the last of the Michigan ‘Fab Five’ at least to still be ballin’. And damn son, did you see that vicious throw down last night right in the grill of the Clippers Chris Kaman?

Right when we start singing the praise of the way the Portland Trail Blazers have handled the injury bug that his hit their bigs this season, they go out and lose to the Clippers, 105-95. But back to the dunk for a quick minutes, if you can’t joke on Juwan Howard anymore, than who is left to be the butt of jokes? Oh yeah, right, there’s always Chris Kaman:

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