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David vs. Goliath: 5’11” Ty Lawson’s Huge Dunk on 7′ DJ Mbenga

November 14, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

Yesterday, we posted a video of Dwyane Wade dunking right in the face of Andersen Varejao. Fans all over the net have been calling it the ‘dunk of the year’ regardless of what comes the rest of the season. Doc J-Water said it was the best dunk he’d seen in 5 years. I agreed at the time. But after what I just witnessed in tonight’s Denver Nugget trouncing of the Champion LA Lakers, I have to question myself.

The smallest man on the Nuggets roster, and in fact the smallest player on either team tonight threw down not only a vicious dunk, but an And1 dunk right in the grill of a 7 foot tall giant, DJ Mbenga of the Lakers. NBA Rookie Ty Lawson from UNC, crossed over his man, got into the heart of the Lakers defense, but instead of panicking and kicking the ball out to the perimeter decided to attack the rim.

Before you watch the video, you almost need to try and imagine how a 5’11” point guard can possibly dunk. Then if you somehow can picture that, try picturing that same 5’11” guard jumping higher than the 7 foot tall shot blocking center, getting fouled and dunking right over him. Ty Lawson, and all of North Carolina, the floor is yours….David vs. Goliath, and possibly the dunk of the year:

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  • CCharles

    I’m 5’10 3/4 and can dunk but dunking over a 7 footer like that is truly an accomplishment. I still think Wade’s dunk was better just because i can’t stand Varejao.

  • Good dunk, but not in the same class as Wade’s dunk on Varajao. DW’s dunk was a true facial. Lawson’s was just beating the big man to the rim. I put this one in the same class as the LeBron video from this past summer in the pickup game. Player was just a little late getting up to the rim.

  • That was amazing! one of the best dunks this season so far!!!

  • John

    That was definitely impressive. But to say he dunked OVER the guy is a bit wrong. He dunked AROUND Mbenga. Lawson dunking over Mbenga would be mind-blowing. Lawson dunking with Mbenga in his face is really impressive.

  • Bryan

    he got through three lakers, including the big men, and shouldn’t have even gotten a shot off in that situation. instead, the 5’11” GUARD slammed it down. how is that not craaazy??
    wade’s dunk was insane, it was disgusting – but he’s not a rookie, and he’s not 5’11”

    …but I’m just a bias unc grad from lawson’s class

  • Yawn

    Monkey gets a banana.

  • Jeff

    @yawn – why don’t you take your racism and shove it. loser.

  • That’s pretty sweet. But it’s no Wade/Varejao. And I agree with John that Lawson went around Mbenga, not over the top of him.

  • @Yawn: Go fuck yourself.

  • Jake

    The NBA is still on television?

  • Wow. That was unreal.

  • that dunk was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!