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DeShawn Stevenson Has New Tattoos

September 29, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

Just when you thought the DeShawn Stevenson crazy train was at full capacity he loaded up a few more loads of coal. The man needs therapy. Stevenson has now entered into the same level of nuts as Stephon Marbury. Yes, that’s right folks. It is one thing to get meaningful tattoos to represent everything from strength to endurance, to family. It’s a totally other thing to get your face and neck covered with tattoos of sports teams and past presidents, as an attempt to get attention for anything but your stellar play on the basketball court. Where in our books, is the only place it matters….the court. As you’ll see below, his new tattoos on his face include Abe Lincoln, the Pittsburgh Pirates logo, a crack, and his son’s name. Ahem. Coo Coo.

We first saw these pics on Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie with J.E. Skeets, but he credits Truth About It and The Washington Times. Check out their sites for more pics and details.

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  • Upsetting…I would have tattooed clinton personally.

  • A throat tattoo? That just looks extremely painful and idiotic.

  • That must hurt. How come he came up with that idea of putting Lincoln in his neck…and a crack in his head? It looks like the mark on Harry Potters’ head. Well, he really is a wizard. Duh! ? Another athlete gets a tattoo – oh THAT is huge news these days. It isn’t a Paul Booth tattoo, so there shouldn’t be any discussion of this, and no one should shell out payday loans or any amount of money to see pictures of whatever trite ink this guy picked up.

  • Brett P

    Hahaha! A tatoo of a crack on his head. He’s a crackhead!