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Top 10 Facial Dunks of 2009 NBA Playoffs

June 22, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

The NBA playoffs is ‘Where Amazing Happens’ right? Well speaking of amazing, how about these facials from the 2009 post-season? You can’t call yourself a basketball fan if you don’t get an adrenaline rush watching these fearless rim assaults:

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  • jerrier

    the #5 dunk wasnt 2009, i think it was ’07.. it still has smush parker and ronny turiaf on the team.. somebody at the record section messed up! ^_^

  • i think the lebron one was weak. the rest were pretty good though.

  • The Don

    Most of them weren’t even true facial dunks and about half of them were Laker dunks. This was pretty much an excuse for another Laker championship dickrider blog post. Pretty weak IMO

  • Ldubbz

    Too many Laker dunks? Its not their fault they’re so talented!

    But seriously, you missed the two BEST Laker dunks:

    1. The last dunk Kobe had, I think in Game 5…where he stopped, then just blew to the rim on like 3 peeps

    2. The best dunk of the playoffs. Period. When Shannon Brown dunked on Birdman in game 5 against Denver (@ LA). When he stole it then dunked it right on Turdman, that seemed to seal the series. And was a great facial.

    J.R. Smith also had some sick dunks too.

  • Raj

    You forgot Carl Landry going right through Lamar Odom in Houston

  • Derek

    you must be a lebron fan bc you clearly missed the two times courtney lee dunked on lebron

  • rick

    For a dunk to be a facial, the defender must jump, or at least have a chance to jump in an attempt to block. This list sucks.