Saturday 16th December 2017,
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Just How Big Are Dwight Howard’s Feet? Photo Evidence…

New Shoe Release|adidas TS Commander LT

June 16, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

The Hoop Doctors would like to give a big shout out to one of our readers, Sean Conant, who provided us with the photo evidence we have been searching for. Sean and his sister received one of Howard’s shoes from the giant himself after Game 1 against the Boston Celtics. We have always suspected that Dwight Howard, aka ‘Superman’, is not a human, but in fact is a Big Foot.

The average shoe size of an adult male is currently size 9.5-10. Sean Conant wears a 10.5. Please see the evidence below of Dwight Howard’s enormous size 18 shoe. Does this huge size difference not prove our theory that Dwight is actually a Big Foot? A bona fide Yeti of sorts? We’ve heard of NBA scouts going far and wide to find the next big NBA superstar, but c’mon, this is pushing it….

P.S. for you sneaker heads, the Howard shoe in the pics is the new 2009-10 adidas Commander LT worn throughout the playoffs.

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  • i love that it is a size 355 in Japan

  • Mr.Fanatic

    lol. it takes his entire thumb, down to the calm to bend the tongue of the shoe to see the tag

  • Mr.Fanatic

    (sorry for the typo) lol. it takes his entire thumb, down to the palm to bend the tongue of the shoe to see the tag

  • James

    I wear a size 14, but I’m only 13, does that make me a bigfoot? My fee

    • Cole Bentley

      I wear 18 I’m 13

  • James

    My feet are probably gonna be that size someday…

  • Nene33

    Yep, anybody size 14 and up is a big-footer, welcome to the club. :D

  • serji

    oh look!
    that’s cool
    my feet size is 15
    height : 200 cm
    weight : 157 kg

  • Cole Bentley

    I am in the 7th grade my name is Cole Bentley and I also wear a size 18 shoe

  • Cool Nick

    Damn! Dwight wears Adidas in 18s. But at least his tall an proportionateheers!
    I’m a 6’1″ skater guy an I got size 18 fins. But Adidas are small makes an Imma gettin’ dat brand in 19s cuz I can’t stick my feet in 18s Adidas, yeah…
    Nick – a skater guy wid the fins.

  • Rick

    I do not think the average sized foot for a dude these days is only a 9.5 or 10. Guys have bigger feet these days. I think size 11 or 12 is more the norm. Any dude with a 9.5 seems tiny these days. I wear 15s, and most of my bros wear 12-15. Also, a dude at a sporting goods store near campus recently told me he can’t keep 14s in stock. With that said, 18s are really big, but it’s no wonder they look so big next to a dude with tiny 9.5-10s.