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Sixth Grade Kid, Allonzo Trier, Shows ‘Melo How to Handle a Basketball

Allonzo Trier

April 24, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

When I was in sixth grade I loved to play hoops. I had dreams like everyone else to one day play in the NBA. I even used to think about what it would be like to meet my favorite NBA players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan.

Well for Allonzo Trier, the sixth grade basketball phenom, he’s not only living the dream of meeting his favorite NBA player Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, he’s getting to teach Carmelo a few of his dribbling moves that even Carmelo is having a tough time mastering. This kids handles are no joke. He’s got some serious game. And to top it off he’s getting paid to live his dream by Powerade to film an ION4 spot. Daaaaamn, check the vid:

(H/T to Catalyst Public Relations for the behind the scenes footage)

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  • javon jake

    Unbelievable kid– read story on cover NY Times last month.. Something very special about him and seeing him up close in the powerade video confirms it. He is all passion a tiger woods kinda passion and swagger and love for the game! Hope he keeps the right people in his life despite all the sharks. Im sure the world will be watching to see him grow up and take on his dream! Go Zo!

  • glenn

    I could do all that when I was in 5th grade, and so could like 2 of my friends.Not the two basketball dribble with that much accuracy, but all the moves shown are still childs play. Best of luck to the kid though

  • johnny

    shut up glenn.

  • dan

    please shut the fuck up glenn

  • ham

    Sad to see the kid being pimped out at the age of 10 or whatever he is…
    ‘Powerade’ haha more like grape flavored kool-aid ;)

  • mike

    glenn — who are you, al bundy?

  • I agree with Glenn, the kid looks talented though but that is just ball handling. It will be interesting to follow that name though from such a young age. I wish him the best of luck.

  • Shelton

    He seems pretty confident in front of the cameras. He obviously schooled carmelo so are you trying to say you got better game than an NBA player?

  • T Dot O

    not bad.. not bad … keep your eyes on the ball kid .. with the right people you will make it !

  • Jimbo

    He’s pretty good at ball handling, lets hope the rest of his game can match it. He’ll have so much pressure to perform this well the rest of his life now though. Good luck kid its gonna get tough! :P

  • Mac The Knife

    I used to watch Glenn do all that shit with the ball… but yes, he did talk a lot while dribbling the hell out of the ball. So, Glenn, shut up already!

  • Andre

    Yeah the pressure this kid must feel.. but he look like he’s having fun and if he really loves this game then its all good. If he continues to work hard the skys the limit for him. I can see why Powerade is jocking him–he has a very marketable face.

  • Sarna

    He graced the cover of the NY Times magazine! Just ask Michael Jordan-hard work always pays off and Tiger started even younger then this kid so the only thing stopping Allonzo is Allonzo! The rest of us will just have to wait and see! I love dedicated athletes- Its better than our kids becoming couch potatoes or even worse-criminals. We need to raise the bar and expect more from our children!

  • pappu

    2 words – Harlem Globetrotters! Seen number of these young dribbling, juggling, ball control phenoms in various sports. Fade away as fast. Kid should milk it as much as he can while it lasts.

  • Dalante

    Well it looks like he got the work ethic thing down according to that ny times story so that philosophy didnt hurt MJ too much. I personally hope he make it all the way cause that says something about America.. hard work pays off so live the american dream!

  • Denvers Finest

    T Dot O, you are not supposed to look at the ball when you dribble. It doesn’t allow you to see the court.

  • Drew Halston

    Wow- after reading that incredible story and now seeing Alonzo in action I really believe this kid can make it all the way.. The world will definitely be watching. Dont play football is my advice.

  • Eddie

    Hey there. I work for POWERADE and was there for the commercial shoot. Allonzo was great to work with. The kid’s going to be something special.

    Wanted to clear one thing up—we didn’t pay Allonzo. There was no money involved at all. He was just a bonus to the commercial we’re filming for the new POWERADE ION4.

    Remember his name, because you’re going to be hearing it a lot over the next 10 years!

  • Deren Jones

    I certainly hope so no $$$ for Allonzo’s sake- or else he will be heading to europe to follow his so called mentor brandon jennings and forfeit any chances to play H.S. or college ball. Allonzo is being “branded” yet he cant even reap the rewards until he is a pro. the NY times story summed it all up.

  • Saw him in NY Times Magazine last month. His mom has a nice rack

  • Hoops? Dribbling moves? Handles? Umm, ebonics…really? Never played basketball did you…lol

  • Dave J.

    Maybe he can give Dwight Howard free throw lessons LOL !!

  • In other news, a 4th grader taught Carmello how to spell.

  • dillon long

    i saw it the kid sucks. he cant even make a layup this shits all edited

  • 509baller

    just beat him and his team in Spokane last weekend – he’s good but not that good. Dropped a couple of 3’s in his eye.

  • ch

    great basketball player hopes he make it