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Shaquille O’Neal Gets Payback on Lou Amundson for Prank

Shaquille Lou Amundson

April 15, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

The video of Shaquille O’Neal the consummate prankster being the subject of a practical joke went viral yesterday on the internet. Everyone loved watching the big fella get pay back for all the pranks he’s played on people over the years. Although it was all in good fun when Phoenix Suns teammate Lou Amundson filled Shaq’s truck with millions of little pink styrofoam pieces, Shaq vowed to get his revenge.

Well it didn’t take Shaq long to exact that revenge. If Lou Amundson is identified for one thing besides his blue collar work ethic on the court, it’s probably his long golden locks. The guy has long blond hair like a surfer, and clearly he takes pride in it. If you want to hit Lou where it hurts you have to go after his hair, right?

Shaq (with the help of some teammates) tracked down Lou Amundson this afternoon and held him down while Shaq used clippers to take a patch of hair off his head. Mission accomplished, but while he was at it, Shaq also gave Lou’s eyebrows the “Racing Stripes”.

My only question is: “How much do you think Lou’s locks will go for on eBay?”

(H/T to Planet Orange.net for the Pics)

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  • This is awesome!

  • Robert Morris

    That’s nuts. Commit a prank, and risk assault! Get some perspective, Shaq.

  • lol… i was watching the video today .. didnt take him long to get payback

  • Josh

    That’s a pretty cold prank to get somebody back with. Escalation is always the worst part of pranks and it sucks when someone goes from the stone age to dropping nukes. Cutting his hair like is pretty messed up. It took years to grow his hair out, but it only took you an hour to clean your vehicle out (yeah I’m a long haired hippy too)

    If you can’t take the heat Shaq, (heh) then stay out of the kitchen.

  • paul

    I agree. That wasn’t even a prank – more like an assault. Where’s the thought in that? Shaq could’ve taken him down himself. not classy

  • chris

    Chill out everyone.
    Obviously if Lou Amundson minded then it would be okay, but since he did not, why is there any need for cries of “assault”?

  • mike c.

    This is straight up assault. You can’t go cutting a man’s hair off as a prank (while he’s awake) especially if your bald and can’t bear the same risk. I’m betting there will be some fines to follow this incident. Get real Shaq! You know you crossed the line, and if you do get away with it shame on Lou and the NBA.

  • Rape

  • Silversun


  • Shaqbaby

    That guy under Shaq better hope Shaqbaby don’t slip or else he’s a goner!

  • Pavlov

    For a moment there, with all those guys all over each other, I thought it was a photo of a prison rape in progress!

  • NotCool


    He HAS to be cool about it because of Shaq being who he is… which appears to be a punk by how he got back. BUT, what I mean is that he knows if he complained then Shaq would be a bigger jerk and start talking bad about the guys playing ability and start mocking him. So, he knows he just needs to let it go.

  • jacob luce

    shaq will go telling every camera that will record him how good of a prankster he is now. shaq is so ugly his mom didnt ever really love him, ever.

  • Steve

    seriously? Packing chips to being held down and shaved? WTF is wrong with Shaq? One is a prank the other is something that deserves an ass kicking. I would love to see “Mr. Black man” take him on 1 on 1.. he would lose.

    If you go back and watch the first video.. Shaq was even too much of a douche to clean out his own car.. instead he gets “staff” to do it for him…

    Oh and “you don’t mess with a black man’s food or his car” thanks for perpetuating the stereotype Shaq… you don’t hold any man down and shave his head.

    Shaq is a moron… I hope he gets magic only its fatal.. and by magic I mean aids..

  • m

    Shaq is a F__k’n retard.

    Why didn’t he just key the guy’s car and call that a prank… what a dumb ass

  • Bron42

    wow, alot of gay cry babies on this site…assualt? really? So then the whole team is gettin arrested cuz as you can see it wasn’t just shaq PLUS in the video yesterday you see tucker and dudley already agreeing to help. Second, ya he gets the staff to do it, thats what their there for. The rookies should just be happy he didn’t make them do it like most nba veterans would. Third, since when what cutting one part of someones hair INSTANTLY equal to shaving someones head? Way to exaggerate people. Sure it was a lame “prank” but your all a bunch of babies if your trying to make it a big deal. I’m sure if lou was really that worried it wouldn’t have happened, i mean the guy is an adult you know. He can handle himself. Alot of you make it like theres going to be some instant beef between the two now jeez

  • smwvc

    Shaq’s a Dick!

  • Bob

    Lou – funny
    Shaq – bully

  • trip

    Shaq didn’t even clean it up himself. First thing he did was tell a janitor to come over and start shoveling.

  • dizzy

    Wow, most of you people leaving comments are fcking idiots. Stop whining. Assault? Really? Go fck yourself if you think that. And I’d like to see one of you internet bytches say these things to Shaq’s face, hide behind a computer screen, you little puuussies. And Steve you are a complete worthless pieces of shyt. Give hime AIDS? Reall classy, dirtbag.

  • wackyman

    It’s not a prank to hold someone down and cut their hair. That’s just being a jackass. Imagine if someone had done that to Shaq (yes I know he’s bald, this is hypothetical). He’d cry like a little girl and claim it was a hate crime. What a D-Bag.

  • j3474

    Shaq is such a baby. he is an a**

  • valerie

    Man shaq went a little too far ! That wasn’t even a prank that was just dumb and why did shaq get the other teammates to help him if he really wanted to get lou back he should of done it himself.

  • Roger

    Awesome…….for all the Shaq haters get your head out of your ass…It’s all in fun. If Lou didn’t mind then why should you…….Understand when you prank some people they may take it to the next level. That is the risk you take. Get off Shaq he is the most entertaining players in the league and the greatest big man to ever play the game…period.

  • Joe

    Shaq’s reply “prank “was lame. It had no originality or thought. He was mad he got pranked and couldn’t think of anything else to do but cut his hair. Lou’s prank was harmless fun; Shaq had to be physical to show who was the “tougher” guy. It was low and shows that Shaq can’t take a joke like a man.

  • Destinee

    Lou is so sexy! even with the new hair cut. i would let him slam dunk all over me

  • Aimee

    Shaq went to far. that was not a prank that was just plain mean. i lost all respect for him. Lou didn’t deserve that.

  • Errol

    Man thats some bullshit. What the hell is wrong with shaq? you can’t go around and cutting a mans hair. if you gonna be playing pranks you gotta handle it when you get prank’d

  • alan jacobie

    i agree with much of whats said … can dish it out, but not take it …can tell on original vid, shaq was angry, he kinda lightened up, but went overboard with
    the haircutt, and yeah, had to have his ‘help’, both in cleaning his car and giving
    the shearjob … i had starting liking him for a change, but lost repect for the big
    spoiled rich kid bully … i hope his law enforcement buddies, set him straight
    about the unlawfulness of his ‘revenge’ …and his buddies are asskissers
    for helping him … …

  • Mazen

    I did not see the video, and do not know what Shaq had done to him, but I think cutting a piece of guys hair off that takes forever to grow back is going too far. But in general I like the guy.

    I wish we had him in Detroit when Chuck Daly was in town!