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Ron Artest Thinks Brandon Roy is Better than Kobe Bryant

Ron Artest Brandon Roy

April 30, 2009 – Dr. J-Water

I like Brandon Roy’s game as much as the next guy. But better than Kobe Bryant? C’mon now Ron, you’re not that crazy! Or maybe you are…

Ron Artest has done and said some crazy things over his career in the NBA, but this one might just take the cake. After seeing the following video interview between Ron Artest and Craig Sager, my initial reaction was to pick up the phone and call the looney bin. My guess is, Ron Artest needs some serious professional help.

In the interview Ron Artest says that Brandon Roy is the best shooting guard he’s ever played against, and ever had to defend. When Sager asks if that means Ron thinks he’s better than Kobe Bryant, Artest responds without hesitation: “Roy is the best i’ve played against”.

Some players will often compliment their opponents during the NBA playoffs instead of insulting them to avoid lighting a fire under their opponent. But this is going too far Ron, way too far. I think you missed the nuances and intent of complimenting your opponent. Especially considering Kobe will likely see this interview, and if the Rockets do infact beat the Blazers, Round 2 of the playoffs will pit Ron Artest’s Houston Rockets against Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers. Ohhhh the drama….thanks for making life interesting Ron:

(H/T to YouBeenBlinded where we saw this video first)

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