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Dancing Utah Jazz Fan Should Consider Dancing with the Stars

Utah Jazz Fan

April 2, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

I know we already posted our ‘Video of the Day’, however this little nugget was too damn hilarious to pass up sharing with you guys. I caught this video just now on Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks over at Sports Illustrated. Possibly the next Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) contestant? The next William Hung of American Idol fame?

The video is of a Utah Jazz fan that looks a little Richard Simmons-ish, trying to keep up with the Jazz Dance Team from his seat in the stands. Personally, I can’t tell if he’s mentally challenged, or if this is some sort of practical joke. Either way I give the Utah Jazz Dance Team all sorts of new found respect for keeping it together and not busting into laughter. The girl guy is clearly right in their line of vision in the stands. I would have lost all control and hit the floor laughing if I saw this….

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