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CBS Files Copyright Complaint Against The Hoop Doctors YouTube Account

CBS Complaint

March 20, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

First thing I want to do here, is apologize to the readers of The Hoop Doctors for our “Hoop Docs TV” feature and any other embedded videos not working at the moment. If you are looking for someone to blame we would gladly let you on our ‘We hate CBS’ wagon, but it is getting pretty full at the moment. Yes, that’s right folks….CBS has decided to file a copyright complaint against The Hoop Doctors YouTube account because we uploaded a video clip of Blake Griffin during yesterday’s match-up between Oklahoma and Morgan State from a CBS broadcast.

I knew the US Economy was in rough shape, but I didn’t realize that it was that rough where what once was a large television network, would start to give out wrist slaps to blogs such as The Hoop Doctors for uploading 30 second clips from past network broadcasts. I mean hey, there were probably only about 40 different versions of the video on the web at the same time we uploaded our clip. I guess they are going after each YouTube account one by one? Bloggers beware…CBS is on the hunt…!! LOL…What a joke, do you really think you can regulate and control the web, CBS?

Actually I get it now! Maybe CBS filed the complaint out of sheer embarrassment. They must have been embarrassed that a basketball blog such as The Hoop Doctors, using little more than a handful of social media sites and a great network of bloggers and social media mavens was able to generate more views of our YouTube clip than a huge network like CBS could of their online version of the video, even though they blow millions of dollars in marketing and advertising annually.

This whole issue sort of reminds me of how the innovative businesses out there nowadays are often turning to open source business models to ensure long term prosperity, growth, and a healthy relationship with their end users who are becoming more internet and technology saavy. Whereas on the other hand you have dinosaurs like CBS who believe that trying to chase down a million small YouTube accounts is going to somehow help them prosper.

In case you still don’t get where i’m going with this CBS, let me spell it out for you. If you were to let clips from old broadcast material be uploaded and distributed without taking a hissy fit, you would realize in short order that the users you once believed to be copyright infringing against you, are in fact doing the work for you to make your content become popular on the web (maybe even viral) without you having to spend a dime on marketing, advertising, or human resource.

Let’s add to that fact that you would avoid alienating the exact people you work so hard and spend so much money to influence. Does the phrase “influence the influencers” mean anything to you? Probably not, but it should. Most companies in broadcast and digital media these days understand the importance of influencing the influencers….and in many cases (especially sports) this means bloggers.

So, to the readers of The Hoop Doctors, if you’ve made it this far into this post and are still reading, thank you for bearing with me on my rant. And have patience we have set up a new YouTube account and everything will be back to normal shortly.

As a final note to CBS….i’ll have you know that while I normally would just tune in to CBS and watch the NCAA March Madness….now i’ll do my damnedest to find some live streaming via the web from a Chinese site that is completely infringing on your copyright rules, and one that really doesn’t give a crap what you think about it…haha

Every viewer counts right? Or maybe you missed the business lessons on that concept as well….Be EZ

– Dr. Anklesnap

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