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Doc Dime’s Top 10 MJ Covers…..Ever

Michael Jordan Magazine Cover

January 6, 2009 – Dr. Dime

The cover makes the magazine right? Well not for everyone, but for a guy like me that likes to collect hoops magazines, the cover is like the window to the magazine. It’s a snapshot, or a teaser to the goodness that you will find inside. Personally I love some of the covers that have been flowing lately out of Dime Magazine. They are really picking poses for the ballers that will resonate with the readers. It’s a bit of a different look than the classic ‘Action Shot’ pictures that historically would grace the covers of the granddaddy of sports magazines, “Sports Illustrated”. I bet Jimmy Traina from Extra Mustard has about a million Michael Jordan SI covers at his disposal.

The reason I bring MJ into the mix on this cover thing, is because he is the greatest of all time in this sport. And not just on the court either. In my opinion Michael was also the greatest of all time in the PR department. The guy was a genius and revolutionized the way athletes interact with the media, the public, and Corporate America.

Hence why I bring you my Top 10 Favorite Michael Jordan Magazine Covers of All-time:

Number 10.

Number 9.

Number 8.

Number 7.

Number 6.

Number 5.

Number 4.

Number 3.

Number 2.

And as you could probably tell from the post picture, my number one favorite Michael Jordan magazine cover of all-time is…….

Number 1.

Which are your top 10? Let us know…

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  • awesome post!

  • I agree with Zoner, and one of my boyz reminded me of the one where Jordan has a hologram face on the cover!

  • Dr. Dime

    Thanks Dock Squad. You can’t go wrong with MJ right?

  • The Zoner

    agreed– I love it! It helps that Dock and me are here in Chicago. One of my favs was this one:

  • Great list. I would’ve had the hologram “Sportsman Of The Year” one from 1991 on the list though. Man this brings back some great memories and I have a bunch of these. I may not have saved them if it were anybody else, as I’m a Bulls fan so I’m of course OBSESSED with MJ.

  • I was talking with my ex Holly about this and we both think that the Slam cover is the best of the lot.

  • Dr. Dime

    Damn, I wish I remembered the Jordan Sportsman of the Year hologram issue!!

    Good call Guys! that one definitely should have been in the Top 10!!

  • Hooligan33

    All great choices, my personal favorite, and this might have had more to do with the extra spring in my step the “return” gave me, but the SI cover that was a comic like drawing of MJ busting out of his ChiSox uni with a Bulls jersey underneath. Something like “its Super Michael…or is it?” basically teasing the return.

  • I remember that one Hooligan! that one was sick. It had a bunch of people on the street giving him the “is it a bird, is it a plane?” type of treatment.

    Good call!

  • What about this famous ESPN cover isolated on a white background?

  • Dr. Dime


    I definitely considered that one, and it was on my short list. But it hit the cutting room floor as I didn’t think it could knock out any of those shown above. Good choice though!

    Doc Dime

  • Real Score7

    Where can I get that Sole cover? I like the SI cover but whoa! How classy does MJ look in that Sole cover?!?

  • I agree with a lot and think its a great post but I was sad not to see the Drexler vs. Jordan cover

    I forget is there one of him when he put up all those threes on the blazers and he shrugs his shoulders with his arms out like “I don’t even know how I’m doing it?”

  • Ooohwee! this is a super post…I’m going to share it with my twitter followers.

  • steven

    mike im whats you in suriname 2

  • Diana

    You are alot alike. I still have a collection of all of michael jordans magazine when he was still playing for the chicago bulls. I also have the book Portrait of an Area. Its in excellent condition. I was still in junior high when i was buying all the magazines that had michael jordan in it. now I’m 25 yrs old and have my family and little boy that I love to dress in M.J. clothing. I do have your # 1 pick magazine picture of michael jordan that you selected on your page also. E-mail me and I can also e-mail pictures of my collections of him. It would be interesting to see how many magazines we both have and kept throughout the years. Thats what I cal a true Michael Jordan Fan! I was nice to come arcoss your page. Made my day and brought back GREAT memories.

  • Jcalebt7

    does anybody know where i can get a quote on mj mags i wanna sell?

  • Littlepagerick

    Does anyone have the slam mag with 3 different covers of Jordan jumping from the free throw line???? I have then n haven’t seen another set anywhere